This Woman Drinks a Gallon of Water Daily for 30 Days. Her Final Results Shocked Everyone!

When articled by the dailymail, Sara talked about her daily routine, which usually started with a cup of tea and then a glass of water with her lunch and another glass of water after dinner. “It seemed plenty, but not really enough”, Sara said. A survey caught Sara’s eye, telling that one out of five women usually consumes less water than required in the UK. This is when Sara thought of an experiment.

She captured her photograph (placed on the left) the day when she began the experiment. Drastic results of what water can do to the human face and systems could be seen apparently after just a week (as shown in the picture on the right). It was shocking to see how mere drinking of water could have such a great effect on the face of a person. Sara’s wrinkles, lines and dark circles completely disappeared after she continued the same process for 28 days.

Week 1 (Weight: 120 lbs, Waist: 28 inches)


Week 2 (Weight: 119 lbs, Waist: 28 inches)