Common Reasons That Cause Sagging of Breasts in Women

Aging causes the breasts in women to lose their elasticity and eventually leads to sagging. It is pointless for a middle aged woman to expect her breasts to look the same as they were when she was 20. However, following few simple tips can slow down the sagging process.


Avoid See-Saw Weight Loss and Gain

The skin around the breasts is prone to stretching as it is relatively thin. Women who are suffering with weight loss issues subject their skin to a lot of shrinking and stretching. As breasts are composed of fat mainly, sudden fluctuations in weight can cause breasts to droop.

Give the Bra a Break

Many women are under the wrong impression that breasts wouldn’t sag by wearing bra day and night. However, excess of support can result in weakening of pectoral muscles and enhances the rate of the drooping process.