After reading this, You’ll never look at a Banana the same way again

Banana is probably the only fruit which is found in every corner of the world, and is liked by most of us. In many places it is also included as a part of daily diet, many sportsmen and women endorse the idea of eating banana a day. Having Banana’s as a food intake is beneficial to our health as it contains various nutrients and disease fighting agents. Majorly bananas include three types of sugar Sucrose, glucose and fructose which are instant source of energy. It is been said that just two bananas gives an instant energy to work out for 90 minutes. Energy is not the only thing which is provided by bananas, but they also help our body to fight and survive various diseases and disorder.


Let’s have a look on following disorder, which can be prevented or cured by including banana a day.



One of the commonly known disorders, but a deadly one as it increases day by day, usually people in depression have mood swings, mostly feeling low and are agitated on all the time. Not dealing with depression in a right way or treatment may also lead to schizophrenia. Hence MIND did a survey in this regard and found that people in depression feel better and relaxed after eating a banana. This is because banana contains tryptophan a type of protein which is converted by the body into serotonin, which is quite known to make body relaxed, takes the mind on a lighter mode and generally makes you feel happier. So it is highly recommended to the people who are suffering from depression.